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Project Description
Basic4Android (B4A) mobile charting framework.

This project is developed using Basic4Android available at to develop Android applications. The purpose of the project is to explore the different charting frameworks available for building charts using B4A.

Currently the implementation is for Google (Online) and dhtmlxChart (Offline) charts that get rendered to the webview control. I will keep updating it based on interest and other available charting tools that can render html source code including javascript etc.

To render the dhtmlxCharts, please go to . Add the dhtmlxchart.js and dhtmlxchart.css in your Files folder within b4a and compile. The charts will display within your device offline.

For the google maps, the scrips are online thus needing an internet connection.

Things to note:

1. Setting the width or height using percentage e.g. 100% does not work with my dhtmlxChart, thus you need to set the width using px, e.g. 320px.
2. An ASP.Net webform version of the charts is available here also where you can see the examples of the charts displayed. Here is the link...


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